Spitfire Armory Trib

20.00 NZD

Want your own Dino as a Boss and a Tameable Creature on our Primal Eternal 1000x Server?

Dinos will be required to be within Gibbos Skillset which can be discussed in a ticket.

We will need to know:

-What Dino you would like, within ARKs assets, if there is open source dino models we can use them if you like. 

-What abilities you would like you dino to do, these must be balanced within Primal Eternal 1000x for Spitfire.

-Any Colours or Custom Icons you would like to use on your dino

Important Notes

-We are unable to provide abilities that Primal Fear or Eternal as those are closed sourced abilities

-Dinos created are property of Gibbo and for use in Spitfire Armory, if you would like a dino for your own mod this is to be discussed in DM.

-Dinos that become very complicated and require a lot of Extra work will require an extra cost these can be discussed before purchase.